What is music theory?

Music theory is a way of explaining music. It describes the harmonies, structures, and finer details of how music is put together and written as notation.


Why learn music theory?

Having a good understanding is useful for loads of reasons. If you’re studying music or planning to study music at university, chances are that your course will have an element of theory.¬†If you’re a music performer, knowing how music works will help you improve. If you’re thinking about teaching, most places ask that you can at least teach the basics.

Knowing music theory will allow you to understand the language of music.


A quick note

I’m currently finishing up my Masters dissertation, so things are a little busy right now and updates may be slow. However, once that’s out of the way I should have more time to add to this. In September I’ll be starting my PGCE and teaching music at colleges, so updates should definitely pick up then as I plan on adding to this as I make worksheets and stuff as part of my teacher training.