Extended chords

We’ve already looked at the basic major and minor chords, but there are far more possibilities than just these two chords.

Seventh chords

There are two types of seventh chords; major 7th and minor 7th. These build up from the original chord to make it a four note chord. For example:

C7:          C      E       G       B

Cmin7:     C      E       G       B♭


Ninth chords

Ninth chords are extensions of seventh chords. This means that they include the root, third, fifth, seventh and ninth.  For example:

C9:          C      E       G       B       D

C min 9:     C      E       G       B       D♭


Augmented chords

Unlike the 7th or 9th chords mentioned above, augmented chords are different to major and minor chords. They are built of three major thirds.

C aug:     C        E        G♯

Diminished chords

Diminished chords are similar to augmented chords, but instead of major thirds, they are made up of minor thirds.

C dim:     C         E♭      G♭


Added chords

An added chord is like a major or minor, but with an extra note.

Cadd2:      C       D       E       G

Cadd4:       C       E       F       G


Suspended chords

Unlike an added chord, the third is removed and replaced by an alternative. So the third, in this case the E, is missing from the below chords.

Csus2:       C       D       G

Csus4:       C       F       G


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